God Of War 2018: 9 Subtly Genius Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

8. The Writing's On The Wall


Of all the secrets scattered throughout Midgard waiting to be unearthed, it was the one hidden in plain sight that took God of War's player base the longest to find. Haphazardly etched into the beams and walls of Kratos and Atreus' humble abode is a series of letters from the Runic alphabet which, when put together, spell out Atreus' other name.

In other words, the eagle-eyed thorough enough to pore over the adventuring duo's starting location would have found reference to Loki long before father and son tapped into the power of Yggdrasil to reach J├Âtunheim.

Atreus' true nature was, quite literally, written on the wall long before it was spelt out by journey's end.

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