God Of War's Most Overlooked Character Could Be The Villain All Along


We see Kratos binding his wrists, severing the connection to the Blades of Chaos, and Atreus is handed a bow and arrows from his mother, in front of a gate inscribed with runes, showing her teaching him various ancient languages. Then the performance details her cremation, showing Kratos and his son kneeling sadly by her funeral pyre.

There is reason to believe that Faye and Kratos were brought together by fate, but speculation that their chance meeting was anything but chance.

Upon her death, it was his Faye’s final wish for her ashes to be spread at the top of the highest peak of all the nine realms. Along the way, Kratos runs into a dwarf named Sindri, but he too has a tie to Faye, noticing the Leviathan Axe hanging on Kratos’ back.

After recognising the axe as his own handiwork, Sindri is scared of Kratos, fearing that the woman they made the axe for had been harmed. Sindri is noticeably affected by th sad news of her death, and he calls her a fierce warrior, and a good woman. He reveals that Faye was the one who sought out the Dwarven smiths, looking for a powerful weapon with which to protect her people.

It is clear how much Faye meant to Kratos, although being a stoic Spartan, he never truly voices his emotions. Atreus asks to carry his Mother’s ashes for the final part of their journey and Kratos denies him. Arrogantly, Atreus scoffs “she meant more to me, anyway”, and this clearly hurts Kratos, as he reluctantly holds his temper back from his son.

Though he was often away, hunting, he clearly felt very strongly about his late wife, exhibited once again when he hears her calling to him through the light visions in Alfheim. Kratos and Atreus have different ways of showing their grief, with father remaining silent and inward, and son being angry and resentful, often taking out his frustration on his father. Faye truly was a beloved wife, and mother, and a good person, who touched the lives of many.

When the pair make it to the highest peak at Jötunheim, they discover a temple with a set of murals depicting their adventures. They discover that Faye, actually named Laufey, was a giant and the last of her kind, who decided to stay behind in Midgard. She had predicted the pair’s entire adventure, was responsible for all the various painted handholds and pathways to follow the whole time, and suddenly her last wish for them to travel there to Jötunheim makes sense.

She wanted them to find this place.


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