God Of War's Most Overlooked Character Could Be The Villain All Along

Who Was Kratos’ Wife?


Faye's life, and her death, is a mystery, but there are a few clues throughout the game that hint that not only did she have huge secrets about her past, but also that those secrets point to a grand plan she had orchestrated from the very beginning. A plan that culminates in the end of the world.

Anyone who has finished God of War will have learned that Faye was, in fact, a Giant, but you might not have realised exactly what the consequences of that entails for Kratos and Atreus. The Giants, or the Jötnar, were an incredibly powerful and ancient race, and the sworn enemies of the Aesir - the Gods.

According to Mimir, Odin, being a God, was very much interested in the Giant's prophecy about the destruction of the Gods, and sought to eliminate them because of it.

So, how does this connect to Faye's death?

God of War Faye

Let's first briefly establish the situation for Kratos. It had been some time since the events of God of War III, that saw the God of War end the reign of the Olympian gods by quite literally punching most of them to death. He grows tired of being used as a pawn, and since his quest for vengeance was complete, he stabbed himself with the Blade of Olympus, releasing the captive hope that was inside him. This leaves him near death as the game comes to an end, though the post-credits scene did tease that he had survived, showing an ominous trail of blood leading away from the sword.

The events in this soft-rebooted God of War are a little less clear. We meet an older, much calmer Kratos, who has since settled down with a second wife and had a second child, (his first family died by his own hand during the events of the first game) but with no immediate explanation of how he got there.

While all other games in the God of War series were set within Greek mythology, now Kratos finds himself in the ancient Norwegian realm of Midgard, surrounded by the world of Norse mythology. It is shown during the game that the ancient civilisations and mythologies of ancient Greece and Norway do exist in tandem with the God of War universe. After ending up in ancient Norway, assumedly by travelling there on foot, Kratos meets his future wife, whom he affectionately calls Faye.

To bridge this rather large gap in time and maturity between the two games, we can look to a stage show called “A Saga Borne of Ash”; part of Sony’s “Lost Pages” lore series. Artist Joe Castillo draws a series of illustrations using only his hands and some sand. These include some beautiful scenes, including a forest with a female figure holding an axe. Kratos appears, taking the axe from the woman. Their joined hands morph together and become a child.


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