Google Stadia: 7 Reasons It's The Future Of Gaming (And 4 Reasons It's Not)

Do you like owning your games?


After months of secrecy, leaks and rumours, the Google Stadia "console" has finally been unveiled to the world. Shown off at an extensive press conference at GDC, the tech giant is aiming to deliver a gaming experience few others have ever even attempted, a far cry away from the regular console and PC status quo fans are used to.

Instead of selling a powerful box that requires games to be installed on it to play, the Stadia is instead pursuing an experience where all you have to do is press a button and a game will be streamed directly to your TV, laptop or mobile instantly.

Saying it's "Netflix for games" is a little reductive, but that's really the only service it's comparable to.

Though it sounds like a pipe dream (and so many other streaming-focused gaming systems have crashed and burned), Google's showing looked damn impressive. Highlighting just how easy and quick it is to jump into a game on any device thanks to their network of data banks streaming it in, if it works as intended, Stadia could usher in a whole new era for the industry as a whole.

But that's a big "if"...


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