Google Stadia: 7 Reasons It's The Future Of Gaming (And 4 Reasons It's Not)

Reasons It's The Future...

7. The Specs Are Insane


One of the most impressive things about the Stadia's design is how it's not looking to simply replicate the experiences already found on PC and consoles via streaming. Instead, Google are planning for the future, and have build a system that will deliver "next-gen" level titles that are way more powerful than those on the market now.

In fact, the company even provided a direct comparison, explaining how the GPU powering Stadia is more powerful than the Xbox One X's and PS4 Pro's combined, coming in at a whopping 10.7 teraflops. This tech going to act as the backbone of the 4K/60fps gaming dream they're support at launch, with 8K compatibility coming post-launch.

Consequently, despite streaming being more tasking than simply reading an installed game, releases on Stadia should eclipse their console counterparts when it comes to sheer performance.


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