Gotham Knights: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

8. The Death Of Bruce Wayne

Gotham Knights Batman's Death
Warner Bros

The trailer opened with a reveal that Bruce Wayne had died in an explosion and that he has left a recorded message in the event of his death for his four most trusted allies, Barbara Gordon's Batgirl, Time Drake's Robin, Jason Todd's Red Hood and Dick Grayson's Nightwing. It's also revealed that the GCPD can't be trusted after the death of Commissioner Jim Gordon.

And even though this Bruce Wayne has allegedly died in a similar manner to his counterpart in the Arkhamverse, due to the Knightfall Protocol, Gotham Knights has been confirmed to not be within the Arkhamverse continuity, allowing WB Montreal to tell new stories with established characters. One will surely be how Commissioner Jim Gordon died prior to the events of this new title, as he was very much alive at the end of Arkham Knight.

Although Bruce has died before in the comics, a character has always stepped in to take up that mantle and become the next Batman.

In Gotham Knights however, we will be seeing the Bat Family strive to protect Gotham and go from vigilantes and sidekicks to their own heroes.


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