Gotham Knights: How The Bat Family Recovered After Batman's Death

Batman is gone… again. But how will the Bat-Family cope?

In a surprising turn of events, the beloved caped crusader will not be the main focus of WB Montreal’s latest venture, Gotham Knights.

Not only will players be taking the role of the Bat-Family but it seems as though the Batman himself is “dead”.

“Why is ‘dead’ in quotation marks?” you might ask. Well, long-time followers of Batman and Detective Comics will know that Bruce Wayne dying or disappearing is a rather common occurrence. In fact, most of if not all of the Bat-Family have at some point skived off from hero duties either due to some nefarious plot or genuinely dying for a few issues.

Looking back at all of the times Batman took a day off in the past may give some insight into how the Gotham Knights will react and indeed what may have inspired the events of the story.

WB has already shown that there will be unique dialogue dependant on which characters are being played and these comics may give us a glimpse at what each one may be feeling and what they're personal goals might be throughout.

Keep in mind this may feature potential SPOILERS for Gotham Knights, as the game appears to be heavily based on several of these comics.


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