Grand Theft Auto 6: 5 Time Periods Rockstar MUST Consider

Less about the where, and more about the when...


Grand Theft Auto.

Three words that spark visions of rich open worlds, a million ways to wreak havoc on the digital masses and a blacker-than-night sense of humour.

These three staples have made the controversial Grand Theft Auto franchise one of the most well-known in the gaming medium. However, bubbling under the surface of this series is another component that is key to GTA's success: good old fashioned satire.

Grand Theft Auto is a series built on the back of pastiche and homage. Every game in the series thus far is overflowing with tongue-in-cheek comedy that pokes fun at the often-morbid reality of the modern day. Be it technology, the stock market or social media, nothing is safe from the scathing crosshairs of GTA.

It is in this modern 'HD' era of GTA where Rockstar's trademark comedy feels to have truly blossomed. However, we're yet to see an instalment explore any era besides those between 2008-2013.

As beloved as GTA is, nothing can stay fresh forever. For a series like GTA where the only way is up, you can't help but imagine all the ways that Rockstar could lampoon a different era. Hopefully one where they can't fall back on the same tired reality TV gags.

5. Post-War 1940s


The 1940s, covering the end of World War II and the dawn of modern consumerism, are perhaps some of the most oft-explored years of history in entertainment.

The aftermath of World War II was when organised crime and the automotive industry truly came into their own. With the rise of the Italian, Irish and Russian mobs came also the rise of Ford, Plymouth and Chevrolet. Rationing had ended, cars were nicer than ever, and a lot of hard-done-by young men were taking up with street gangs to wring this new world dry.

This period has of course been previously explored already by Rockstar on the opposite side of the thin blue line in LA Noire. You may think then that Rockstar might be retreading old ground with a late '40s-set GTA, but this period is still full of story potential.

Maybe you'd like a classic Mafioso story, pushed through Rockstar's standard tongue-in-cheek filter?

Perhaps you fancy a tale of a street urchin making his way through the burgeoning street gangs and greasers of the era?

Ahh... now you're excited.


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