Grand Theft Auto 6: 9 Insane Rumours You Need To See

Rockstar's taking Grand Theft Auto to the next level.


Rockstar has more leaks than a 1900s passenger liner.

That's what it often feels like, at least. Having dedicated more than two decades to iterating upon the beloved industry icon that is Grand Theft Auto, the series (as if you hadn't heard) has attracted leagues of fans and admirers across the globe and as we all know, popularity breeds an insatiable eagerness to learn more.

So much so, that some fervent fans are willing to believe any vague leaks or hearsay wherever they can find it. The addiction will only be cured when Grand Theft Auto VI finally rolls into town, of course, but in the meantime, there are plenty of self-proclaimed whistleblowers willing to feed that lust for knowledge, even if it's 100% fabricated.

Is that so for the source of these rumours? Impossible to say, but I hope not. Some of these are just too tasty to toss aside.

Let's dive in.

9. Expanded Real Estate


Long has Grand Theft Auto allowed players to use their ill-gotten gains in order to start snapping up real estate, but what use has it really served? In GTA Online, player-owned casinos and businesses confer all sorts of financial benefits that can be reinvested into a plush new apartment or supercar, but single-player? Eh, not so much.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is said to patch that untapped void of gameplay potential by tying entire quest chains behind certain properties. Coughing up the cash for an in-development hotel complex, for example, could open up new opportunities with clients eager to help expand a fledgeling empire into a citywide empire.

Imagine a blend between real estate acquisition - with real, gameplay-enhancing faculties this time - and GTA's adored Stranger missions and I reckon you won't be far off the mark.


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