GTA V: 4 Ways That Rockstar Can Reinvent Multiplayer

I dream of a world where Crews and gang warfare unite into a single Free Roam, Los Santos, masterpiece.

Rockstar Games is set to be creating what is sure to be another technological marvel once Grand Theft Auto V releases. Much rumor and speculation (insert link) has been floating through the internet questioning when exactly the game will be released. The truth of it all is that no one knows yet, but you chances are you can be expecting some new information to be revealed very soon. With Max Payne 3 having released to great sales numbers and critical praise, it seems that revealing fresh GTAV information is almost inevitably going to make its way to our eagerly awaiting gaming minds. With E3 right around the corner, the hopes of gamers everywhere rest in a GTAV information blowout. The lack of information isn't stopping a wide range of theories, and predictions, from running rampant about where the game will be heading in its single player ventures. What about multiplayer? Questions still remain about what is possible after witnessing the multiplayer mayhem from the likes of Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, and Max Payne 3. Seems now is as good of a time as any to explore the incredible possibilities in which Rockstar can completely redefine what it means to have multiplayer. Why don't we look at a few ways I hope Rockstar can build a great future for multiplayer. Crew's Encourage Gang Rivalries
Rockstar has already confirmed that any Crew alliances you form within Max Payne 3 are going to be implemented directly into Grand Theft Auto V. This is intriguing to say the least. Max Payne's multiplayer is proof that Rockstar can create a deep and immersive online experience, that continues to bring gamers back. Crews enable the leader to bring together up to 300 players within one crew. This creates a new found sense of unity within console gaming. A full emblem creation tool allows gamers to proudly display their allegiances in-game, and with Crew stat-tracking providing even more bragging rights, this new clan mechanic is an impressive feat. This brings it to an entirely different level of possibility. If you have played Max Payne 3 online with a Crew member, you may have already found yourself sparking what Rockstar deems a "Feud". These occur when you kill multiple enemies of a rival Crew. As a result, a Feud erupts between your Crew and the rival Crew that is tracked with stats showing which rivals are your worst enemies. Imagine these crews as the basis for online gang warfare within GTAV. The idea of Crews carrying on through all of Rockstar's games potentially provides the basis for something much more astounding and exciting, that gamers everywhere should hope for.

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