GTA: 10 Ridiculous Things EVERYONE Does

A crime sandbox with infinite potential? Let's obey traffic light laws.


Grand Theft Auto is possibly the biggest gaming franchise ever created, constantly breaking sales records.

It's the game everybody plays. Your colleague who you didn't even think knew what games were, will question whether you're queuing for it on release night. Hours will be spent with friends, asking if you have completed that heist mission yet.

"Quiet!" You'll yelp, desperate to avoid spoilers at all costs.

It's the best digital playground ever made, begging us to dive in and uncover secrets, create memories and have a genuinely wonderful time. But it isn't just the endless possibilities that make us excited, it's the fact that nearly every character you meet is interesting and usually a bit unstable.

The time and care taken to make these worlds live and breath, is second to none.

As you have no doubt guessed by the title though, it's the playground aspect we're focusing on. Let us jetpack in, and see what madness we can create together.

As ever, I would love to know what ridiculous things you get up to in GTA, that didn't make this list. Head down to the comments section after this.

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