GTA: 15 Absolute Worst Missions

There's a reason people only finish the main missions once.

It took an awful long time for Rockstar to really nail a downright great 'feeling' GTA game. Sure, exploring the world was always fantastic back in 2001 thanks to you not knowing or seeing anything on that scale before, but outside the driving can you really say you had fun with the on-foot missions? For a while as the developers focussed on iterating on their first 3D game engine - leading to Vice City and San Andreas all being built on the same foundations - it was over to the likes of The Getaway or True Crime: Streets of L.A. to fill in the gaps, creating their open-worlds with cover systems and better shooting mechanics; something GTA wouldn't have until IV landed on the last generation. Now they've pretty much nailed the feedback necessary to do everything from engaging in a city-wide firefight to leaping in a jumbo jet and doing barrel rolls under bridges. However, between the stretch marks starting to show on that original 3D engine through both Vice City and San Andreas to the last two instalments, the series isn't without its off-moments. If you've ever tried to replay an old GTA in particular you'll know this better than most, but for every ten things Rockstar get right, there's always one misguided mess of code just waiting to ruin your day.

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