GTA 6: 10 Classic Vehicles That MUST Return

No Banshee? No dice.


When GTA 6 finally hits, the feverishly anticipated next edition of such an iconic franchise will cause a seismic shift in gaming's landscape.

Though no-one's quite sure what to expect regarding its setting, its characters, or even its release date, there are certain things that GTA 6 must include - namely, classic vehicles from its storied past. Wasting unfortunate pedestrians and completing increasingly bombastic missions are all well and good, but the series ultimately comes down to stealing vehicles at the press of a button. It's in the name, after all.

Fond memories of any prior GTA title are likely to include toggling between radio stations after acquiring a new set of wheels - legally or otherwise. Players have differing desires for where the next game needs to take place, and how it should be played. Let's not forget the most important aspect, however.

If it doesn't feature the trademark vehicles we've known and loved, is it really a true Grand Theft Auto title?

Don't let Snow Patrol mislead you; we're not just chasing cars, but also planes, trains and painted flames. These are the vehicles we need to see in GTA 6.


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