GTA 6: 10 CONFIRMED Gameplay Details

The biggest leak in video game history got us SALIVATING.

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After the years and years of jokes about Grand Theft Auto VI and the elongated wait for its release, not to mention countless untrustworthy leaks and rumours along the way, it was pretty remarkable to recently get not just a sneak peek at how the game is shaping up behind the scenes but a boatload of stuff we were never meant to see.

With nearly an hour's worth of footage appearing online, many questions we had about GTA V's follow-up were finally answered. Additionally, we got a lot of early looks at the ideas that Rockstar are cooking up to push their million-dollar franchise forwards. Whilst the discussion rages on about the leak situation, how this could've happened and what to make of it all, its definitely exciting to get a glance at what the future holds.

It certainly seems that Grand Theft Auto VI is still a long time away from release but we have plenty to look forward to thanks to early looks at the gameplay of the title. This list will run down what we know for certain and what we can ascertain from what is being called the biggest leak in video game history.

10. Jason And Lucia

grand theft auto 6 horse

Ever since Grand Theft Auto V broke the series’ mould by featuring three equal-part protagonists, fanbase chatter has wondered what that meant for the future of the series. Would this become the status quo moving forward? Not only do the recent video leaks confirm a pair of playable characters, their presence calls back to a more recent report from Bloomberg about the game’s story being framed as a “Bonnie and Clyde” tale of two criminals with an intimate relationship.

Now, we have our first look at the pair and their names: Jason and Lucia.

More than just chatter about the number of characters, the idea of a female lead for the series has been a longstanding discussion in the GTA community that only got more fervent in recent years. Lucia is the first female protagonist for the series since the original game, but back then it hardly mattered since everything was top-down and there was a far lesser emphasis on character.

Like GTA V, it appears that swapping between Lucia and Jason can be done at any time with the push of the down button on the d-pad. During certain instances, there’s also footage of the game informing that R1 will allow the player to check with the other character nearby to make sure that your criminal activities are going off without a hitch.

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