GTA 6: 10 CONFIRMED Gameplay Details

9. Robberies

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Perhaps the most tasty and widely shared piece of early gameplay from the GTA 6 leak is a scene where the player, as Lucia, robs a fast food joint. It’s unclear whether this is part of a mission or just done during normal gameplay but it does seem likely that this is something that the player can do at any time, if they’re willing to take the risk.

With heists becoming a core part of GTA Online, it’s not surprising to see robberies integrated into the follow-up.

Lucia can be seen to hold up the cashier. At one point, the player takes aim at a civilian and picks the option to restrain them, tying their wrists together - something new for the series. During all of this, a timer bar counts down at the top. Shortly after it depletes, the cops arrive at the scene and the pair steal a vehicle to escape with a two-star wanted level.

This might be a good, if slightly risky, way to earn cold, hard cash in GTA 6. It makes one wonder just how far the robbery gameplay element might go. Sure, stealing from the local Cluckin’ Bell is one thing but... how about a bank?

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