GTA 6: 8 Current Gaming Trends Rockstar Must AVOID

8. Staggered Release Dates

Anthem Origin Access

As another way to get as much money from the consumer as possible, we've recently seen various games (Anthem, The Division 2) experiment with staggered release dates more frequently. Pay more for a "Deluxe Edition" or otherwise packaged "fancier-than-regular" copy, and you can "play early"... by a day or two.

The problem? It's horrific value for money, because the day one version of 99% of games is always by far the worst one. Server issues dog anything online, and bugs, glitches and quest problems forever need patching or addressing across that initial launch window.

Anthem's release state was so bad it literally bricked hundreds of PS4s, and many will remember the shockingly lacklustre way GTA Online first appeared in - not to mention Red Dead Online being a patchwork quilt of half-baked features and reasons to play.

I have faith Rockstar wouldn't opt for the scummy extra few notes that grants gullible players those "precious" few early hours (if they can get into the game), but it's worth addressing as one of the worst trends emerging right now.

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