GTA 6 Wishlist: 10 Biggest Items We Most Want To See

The joy of six.


Somewhere out there in planet gaming, there's some bloke telling his mate that he's not excited for the release of GTA 6. Then, come launch day, that same guy will be foaming at the mouth as he runs out to pick up a copy, slams it into his machine of choice and indulges in Rockstar's latest crime-sim-meets-pop-culture phenom.

Nobody will be able to resist finding out just how epic GTA 6 could be.

Wishlists have been flooding in pretty much since GTA 5 landed way back in the black and white telly days of 2013. Fans of the series have enjoyed debating the ins and outs of the next chapter for almost seven years, but they've been placated by Rockstar's dedication to GTA Online servers in the interim.

6 has a lot to live up to after 5 introduced multiple protagonists, first-person camera angles and more side activities than ever before. The studio's own Red Dead Redemption 2 then heightened expectations by delivering a sweeping Western that was equally as affecting as it was brilliant.

Can Grand Theft Auto steal back some spotlight? Of course it can, but only if wishlist dreams are met...

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