GTA 6 Wishlist: 10 Biggest Items We Most Want To See

10. Multiple Locations


Vice City is coming.

It's been a long time since gamers whizzed down streets that looked like Instagram filters wearing a pastel suit, and few old-timers who recall 2002's finest can wait. As enjoyable as returning to a remastered Vice will be, it might not be enough for GTA 6's universe.

If they're feeling generous, Rockstar should splatter their love (not like that) all over Vice City and then offer up an alternative sandbox for fans to muck around in. The idea of multiple locations is something that has cropped up often over the past seven years, and it's not outlandish to suggest that Rockstar should make it happen.

They don't need to go back in time to other series locales like San Andreas or Liberty though. No, the developers could come up with a totally fresh location that'd complement Vice's 80's-soaked nostalgia brilliantly.

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