GTA Definitive Edition: 10 Biggest WTF Moments

Something went seriously wrong with Rockstar's "Definitive" GTA classics.

GTA Definitive Edition WTF

Revisiting Liberty City's imposing skyscrapers, Vice City's pastel-soaked metropolis and San Andreas' varied terrain should've been a thrill. In some ways, Rockstar's recent GTA Definitive Edition release did scratch the itch it was supposed to - sometimes, particularly in Vice City, these remasters look damn cool.

Then, it all comes tumbling down.

Rushing products out the door has become a gaming industry go-to for years now, so that's nothing new. This is Rockstar though. They're a company famed for attention to detail and known for crafting world class experiences that tower high above the competition. Why are these "Definitive Editions" such a murky mess of bugs, glitches and other frustrating moments then?

This collection of old classics needs patching in a hurry.

Countless players worldwide are already staring at their screens with bugged-out eyes and cries of "WTF?!". Rockstar and Grove Street Games' three-pronged assault on nostalgia has some positives, but the lows are so crushing that they ruin the entire purpose of revisiting for older fans.

God only knows what some newbies coming over from GTA 5 think of all this. Maybe they're shouting "what the f*ck" too.

10. Seeing The Full Picture

GTA Definitive Edition WTF

First, some positivity.

Or, make that possible positivity, because some folks won't like this at all. Rockstar decided to remove the foggy look from the older games and increase the draw distance for these remasters. That's instantly jarring, especially when one boots up San Andreas to realise that the map isn't quite as endless as you remember.

GTA 3, Vice City and CJ's story are all classics gamers have ploughed hundreds of hours into. If you're one of those hardcores, then seeing this spruced-up, fog-free look in 2021 is almost trippy. It's not necessarily bad, but it is worth mentioning if you're expecting something different.

Rockstar and Grove Street didn't rebuild these titles from the ground up, remember. They tried their best to clean them up, ditched the mist It's just so odd to look at when you've been playing these things since 2001, 2002 and 2004 respectively.


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