GTA Online: 10 Best Cars You Must Find

Become a Grand Theft Auto speed demon with the help of these rapid rides.


Since 2013, gamers have gotten lost in the freedom of Grand Theft Auto 5. Arguably, the game's driving and transport is its most entertaining part.

Rockstar's title features a pool of 650 controllable vehicles including supercars, motorcycles, compacts and much more, letting you take them for a spin on developer or community-created race tracks and challenges.

Best of all, you can be as safe or reckless as you like, no matter what you're getting behind.

With 337 exclusive online cars to choose from, the anticipation of seeing which cars gamers in your party selected for each race adds an extra element to the racing section of the challenge-filled game. Since the days of the Adder and Zentorno, GTA's supercars have developed into some scarily quick selections available today, almost seven years since we first drove along the tarmac.

With a score out of 100 for speed, acceleration, braking and handling, the statistical attributes for each car can be averaged to determine an overall rating.

With this in mind, these are the best cars available in GTA Online.

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