GTA: Ranking The 10 Funniest Characters EVER

Hey cousin, you want to go to a comedy club?


The Grand Theft Auto series is known for many amazing things. Whether it's the huge, sprawling open worlds, the fantastic missions, finding hidden packages, trying to drive normally in a game that discourages you from doing so, or even the addictive GTA Online component, there's so much to love about GTA.

That said, it's really the characters who make Grand Theft Auto quite as special as it is. At its core, Grand Theft Auto is all about a parody of life as we know it and as such, the series has served up memorable character after the other, many of which are also absolutely hilarious too.

Admit it, there's been loads of moments you've been playing one of these and you've found yourself laughing out loud at the insane antics of the cast, and supporting characters of these titles.

But which of them are truly the best of the bunch? The ones that were consistently funny throughout and made a lasting impression on all of us should be celebrated, and that's why it's time to look at the 10 funniest Grand Theft auto characters ever!

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