GTA V: 10 Last Minute Dream Features We Hope Are In The Game

Grand Theft Auto V - Gunplay

The day has finally come! Indeed, after almost five and a half years of waiting, the most anticipated video game of the year (and quite possibly ever) is in our hands. GTA V is releasing to near-universal acclaim so far, though most of us haven't exactly had much time to sink our teeth into what is, if nothing else, a seemingly interminably deep gameplay experience. As a result, there is still much that's generally unknown about Rockstar's latest masterpiece, leaving us to hope that some of our dream features have been retained in the game. Sure, many of these things are just that - dreams - but given how staggeringly ambitious GTA V has proven itself to be, it shouldn't be too surprising if some of these are revealed within the next few days (and even weeks or months). Here are 10 dream features we hope made it into GTA V...

10. DLC Islands

Grand Theft Auto V - World Rockstar have been not-so-subtly hinting that, by way of GTA Online (which launches on October 1st), they are going to be expanding the world of GTA beyond what is retained on the disc. Though this could simply mean that Rockstar will be rolling out more missions (as has already been confirmed), I'm excitedly suspicious that this might actually mean something far more substantial, such as an additional island to cause even more wanton mayhem. Though it would be a huge undertaking by Rockstar on top of their already mammoth achievement, they've proven themselves in the past to be anything but slouches, and if any company can produce quality DLC that's actually worth paying for, it's going to be Rockstar. If not, will we be gutted? Absolutely not, but as avid fanboys, we're always after more, more, more...

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