GTA V: 10 Most Popular Features Fans Demand To See

Honestly, what more can be said about GTA V that hasn't already been said, if not here on What Culture, then at least somewhere out there on the ol' information super-highway? And out there on the road - even after the Game Informer GTA V cover issue, which revealed a slew of official details to the waiting world - fact still blends with fiction as announcement and speculation continue to collide. Honestly, online, GTA V info is a regular clustrf**k of potential features, game mechanics and rampant wishful thinking. Far be it from me to go against the grain. I've been trawling the internet to discover the ten features which are seemingly most desired of all for this fifth full GTA outing. So, let's just cut right to the proverbial chase shall we.

10. Drop-In Drop-Out Co-Op

With the announcement that GTA V will feature three separate controllable protagonists, full drop-in drop-out co-op gameplay now seems like more of a possibility than ever before. And with R* hinting at a multiplayer revolution with GTA V, many are hoping - neigh demanding - that full a full co-op mode be present. Well, I'm sorry to s**t on your hopes and dreams my friends, but in a recent interview for IGN, R* man Dan Houser, when pressed about a potential co-op campaign said "it would be impossible to do that and keep the level of precision we've got in . You could make a great co-op game, but we felt that we're doing other bits of our multiplayer that will fulfill those desires in ways we think are very fun." So if you're one of the millions out there convinced you'll be recruiting your online friends to help unleash all shades of hell on GTA V's main campaign, I whole-heartedly apologise for bursting your geek bubble.

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