GTA V: 10 Reasons Why It Will Rule 2012

9. Sports Who cares about the Spaniards winning Euro 2012? Or whoever is going to win a bunch of medals at the Olympics? They€™ll just be on A Question Of Sport next year trying to guess who an even more obscure sportsman is. No one is going to remember any of these 2012 sporting events in years to come. Although GTA 5 might not feature the 1983 album by Huey Lewis and the News, it will feature sports! Golf, jogging, jet-skiing and hiking up mountain (I€™m pretty sure jet-skiing is an Olympic sport and if not then something needs to be done about that, how can we take any other event seriously with the absents of jet-ski€™s?) will all feature as revealed in the glorious trailer. Other presumable sports will be; street racing, backyard basketball, pub darts, snooker, bowling and a few others as we have seen from previous games. Let€™s face it; the vast majority of us aren€™t going to achieve anything close to the high levels of sporting prowess demonstrated by the athletes we€™ll see throughout the year, but we can achieve in GTA. The online leader board is an achievable goal, if you try hard enough and put in the hours you can climb to the top and achieve your goal of being the greatest GTA bowler of all time! Now that is something to look forward to.