GTA V: 10 Reasons Why It Will Rule 2012

8. Thanks Max! Max Payne may have his issues. Over the years we€™re taken him through some though times with lots of bullets, heartaches and killings. In his last outing Mr Payne took a trip to South America and reminded us all that slowing don€™t time to shoot people in the face is still awesome. But Max€™s game did more that act as a reason to stop drinking, it helped GTA too. Maxwell Payne kicked down the 2012 door for GTA with his release in May. As MP3 (yep, it€™s a pretty good abbreviation) is also developed by Rockstar it meant two things: The first was that MP3 hit the shelves two months later than expected, this meant that GTA would be delayed, which is bad... and good. The bad is because we will get to play the game later, but good because Rockstar will have that little bit longer to work on tweaking there baby to get it just right, so long term this is a win. Secondly Max acted as a sort of sneak peek at what Rockstar are doing and what they are capable of, with the physics and graphical power of MP3, it€™s not hard to image a GTA made in such a way. So thanks Max! Who knew that the square headed cop who ran around the deserted streets of New York would grow up into a bald headed cop running around the street of São Paulo, showing us what the next GTA could look like?