GTA V: 10 Tips For Surviving A 5 Star Wanted Level

Gta V3 We've all been playing Grand Theft Auto V for nearly two weeks now, and no doubt some of you have already committed the story to nothing more than a distant memory. So, what's left to do? Well, causing chaos is one thing that has always made GTA fun. It's one of the main draws of the series, and with the abundance of weaponry and vehicles capable of leveling a small moon, you'll have plenty of options when it comes to causing some damage to the fine state of San Andreas. Of course, you won't be able to get away with mayhem without attracting the attention of the Los Santos fuzz. The cops are a lot more cunning than in GTA IV and past iterations of the franchise. Rockstar have also gotten rid of the giant mini-map circle that appears around you to indicate the cops' search field. You will now need to escape the immediate vicinity of your misgivings for long enough that your wanted level will begin to flash. You will notice that the LSPD will now show up on your mini map with Metal Gear Solid-style cones of vision. Stay out of these for long enough and you'll be back to being free to cause destruction once again. Now, this is all easier said than done, especially when your wanted level reaches the dreaded 5 stars. So, here's 10 top tips to get the rozzers of your back. We'll start with something obvious...

10. Get A Fast Car That Handles Well

Gta V Garage As I said, this is an obvious one, but trying to get away from the police in a Mule or an Ingot will usually not end well. If you find yourself with a 5 star wanted level, you do not want to find yourself in a car like that. Often your best course of action will be to find a quicker vehicle. Now, you don't have to find a Supercar, and often, this is a bad idea as the handling in cars like the Cheetah is downright awful; if you find yourself so much as being grazed by a passing breeze, you will end up hurtling backwards in a blaze of glory. Often it's best to go for one of the sportier saloons like Michael's Obey Tailgater. They're quick and handle well. If you're stuck trying to find a good getaway vehicle, the Los Santos Police cars are very quick and handle well, so if you're able to, stealing one of them is always a good idea. With the amount of chaos that ensues from a 5 star wanted level, there's likely to be a few dotted around!

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