GTA V: 13 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do

12. Play Grenade Fetch

You can count on few things in life, but the relationship between a man and his dog ranks pretty highly in the solid stakes: dogs are loyal, useful and entertaining, and it's good to note that Rockstar have given all of those attributes to Chop, Franklin's canine companion in GTA V. Helpfully, Chop will sniff out the more difficult to find collectibles, like the spaceship parts and the pesky to find pages of the murder confession, saving at least some of the hassle associated with both, and as an added bonus he can be used as an efficient and surprisingly entertaining weapon (as long as your prey isn't either a cop, who are impervious to fear, or has run away entirely at the mere sight of the pooch.) And it goes both ways, as Franklin clearly loves his dog too, even leaning over to open the dog-side door for him when he parks. But, the relationship can get a little too close - not in any sordid or sinister way that has been discovered yet - when you play fetch with Chop. If you switch from a tennis ball to a grenade during playtime, Chop won't differentiate between the two and will pelt after whatever you throw, leading, quite comically, to grave injury or death when he chomps down to retrieve the bomb.

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