GTA V: 15 More Amazing Easter Eggs & Secrets You Need To Find

Gta V Illuminati Immediately after GTA V hit the shelves, fans started reporting their Easter Eggs finds as they progressed through the story and began to explore more of Rockstar's latest epic environment. It soon became apparent that there were a lot of them, and with players now reaching the end of the game and bragging of their 100% completion records, the process of discovering everything and anything that is yet to be found kicks off for real. Some criticised GTA IV for its comparative lack of Easter eggs, but Rockstar seem to have listened, and GTA V is arguably the most egg-stuffed game ever released, with slight, throw-away references to the likes of Jurassic Park, Dark Souls, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure and The Dark Knight, and eggs dedicated to the worlds of film, gaming, music and Internet memes everywhere in the ridiculously rich world of Los Santos. We've already looked at some of the early contenders from the bulging GTA V Easter eggs pile, and now, with more game time under everyone's belts, we're revisiting the topic to pull together fifteen more of the greatest, oddest and most comical Easter eggs in GTA V...

Honourable Mention: We're Going To Need A Bigger Boat

Grand Theft Auto V - Sharks Depending on how you view Easter eggs, there's either a Jaws reference in GTA V, or there's just the opportunity to be mercilessly eaten by a shark for Achievements points or a trophy, depending on your console preference. The reason it's only an honourable mention here is that the Achievement, which involved taking a vessel far out into the ocean and jumping into the ocean when a red blip appears on your radar, isn't exactly a Jaws reference. There's nothing explicit in it, other than the presence of a shark, so it could equally be called a Shark's Tale Easter egg, or a Finding Nemo Easter egg. But it's still perversely pleasurable to jump into the water and watch your character being chomped by a giant ocean killer, if that sort of thing floats your boat. Quite why anyone would actually want to be eaten by a shark, other than for the Achievement, is somewhat baffling.

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