GTA VI: 10 Huge Rumours You’re Not Supposed To Know

Ryan Gosling to reprise his Drive persona as the lead? Hell yes.

GTA V is enjoying immense popularity through its unbelievably detailed online mode, as plucky PC modders tweak everything to make it even bigger, more beautiful - and more packed with playable animal characters than ever before. But the frenzy surrounding everyone's favourite open-world crime adventure has also led to speculation on what the series will bring us next time out. GTA V is a cross-generational game, having come out late in the PS3 and Xbox 360's life cycles, then several months later in the early days of the PS4 and Xbox One. Because its gameplay, mechanics, and size were designed to work across two console generations, technical sacrifices were inevitably made when developing the game. This may seem unthinkable given how GTA V is one of the biggest and best-looking games of the current generation, but it does also make you wonder what a technical accomplishment its successor, GTA VI, will be when it arrives. There have already been plenty of rumours surrounding the next instalment in the legendary series, musing about its setting, storyline, and technical features. These range from doubtful 'verified' posts on 4chan and reddit, to hints dropped by Rockstar's President himself. Here are the best from the GTA grapevine that are among the most likely to come true.

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