GTA VI: 10 Features That Must Be Included

Talks of GTA getting more 'serious' should not be taken lightly...

Wild explosions, absolutely crazy departures from actually playing the missions and bombastic, juvenile humour that never stops being funny; these are all elements of the Grand Theft Auto series that series fans know and love. It's likely there are those who haven't even completed any of the main games in the franchise, so heavy is the temptation to simply carve a path of destruction away from the main story. GTA has long since been an open-ended experience, that's what makes it so much fun. Of course, having a good story to underpin the madness is advised, but that's something developers Rockstar seemingly have no problem with. If GTA IV was a more serious game overall, GTA V opened a can of crazy and poured it all over that ideology. Things seemed larger than life again; louder, and way more in your face. The million dollar question remains, just what type of experience will GTA VI turn out to be? Rumours are - quite understandably - flying all over the place. Any new Grand Theft Auto game will always be greeted by a lot of discussion and pre-release hype, but what do the fans want to see? This article looks at 10 different features and nuances that simply must be included in VI. If they're not, fans may just turn into Trevor Philips.

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