GTA VI: 7 Awesome Things From V That Must Return

Multiplayer opened GTA V up significantly, just imagine what Rockstar could do with it next?

After GTA IV had split the core audience who normally enjoy Grand Theft Auto games, Rockstar came back with a significant level of bite and ambition for GTA V. For many people, IV was just a little too tame - if not a little dark and serious - for a Grand Theft Auto title, but the developers managed to turn the ship around in V, impressively crafting an experience which had almost everything people would want from the franchise. If players wanted madcap mayhem, they had it, and the company even brought back air vehicles and a barmy sensibility to how users navigate the map, with the introduction of three main protagonists. In GTA IV, it sometimes felt like a chore to travel from one point to the other in the game world, almost as though Rockstar were forcing players to try and exist in a more realistic world at the expense of fun. Realism can work, but there needs to be a definite focus on creating an experience that people enjoying playing through, something GTA V managed with some serious style. With attention already turning to GTA VI, just what will Rockstar have up their sleeves this time around? Tentative release dates seem to suggest that the game will land around 2018, giving the developers ample time to improve on the winning GTA V formula. Just what should they keep around, and what could they expand on?
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