GTA VI Predictions: 10 Things We Expect To See

The GTA Series has it all, but GTA VI is set to feature revolutionary new features.


The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most beloved game series of the modern era. With good reason too. The vast open worlds, well-crafted story modes and huge range of vehicles and weaponry means each game is worth hours of fun and offers something for everyone.

But the fine people at Rockstar don't simply sit back on their laurels and rely on their good reputations to carry the new games through. They continue to push boundaries with each new release, adding new mind-blowing game mechanics and features. GTA VI should be no exception.

The new game is already rumoured to be well into production and Rockstar's developers will be busy implementing a raft of new game mechanics and options. If previous form is anything to go by, these will extend far beyond a simple map and graphics update. GTA V had enough of its own innovations and holds up as a favourite years after release, especially with the wild popularity of its online companion. But with the power of the next generation consoles, GTA VI has the potential for some major strides forward.

10. Improved Driving Mechanics

Rockstar Games

Driving in GTA is fun. It's the crux of the game so something would be seriously wrong if it wasn't. But the way cars work doesn't always make sense. Head on collisions send a player character flying through the windshield, but the crash victim often gets up and brushes themselves off unscathed. Meanwhile, cars themselves can take a whole lot of damage, continuing to work just fine even after they've been driven off a cliff or the engine has been crushed.

It's true that too much realism may spoil the fun, and it wouldn't be much good if players had to take a break from bank robbing and police shooting to take their car for an oil change. But a little more realism and a few added details could add a new element of fun to police chases and drive-bys. The inclusion of seat belts, lockable doors and functioning trunks would turn cars from pieces of speeding metal to truly interactive portions of the game.

New driving mechanics could tie in well with better AI too. If the cops could pull players over and search their vehicles for contraband, imagine the fun of deciding whether to play it cool or open fire.

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