GTA VI Wishlist: 10 Things It Must Include

So it's the 80s, you're back in Miami and you're... John Marston's son?!


No sooner had GTA V whizzed onto shop shelves in 2013 than gamers started looking forward to what VI may have in store. It seems like no video game forum is complete without at least one topic dedicated to what Rockstar's next installment of the infamous series may have in store. People crave news about a new Grand Theft Auto, it's as simple as that.

There's a reason for this constant chatter; GTA is an exciting property and always has been. It's the kind of game that's ripe for rumours too, something Rockstar themselves have likely only encouraged. Interviews with game producers like Dan Houser have only added fuel to the fire, teasing fans with what they can expect with each passing release. GTA VI will likely not be majorly different to the previous games in the series, but there seems to be a tremendous amount of buzz surrounding the mere idea of its existence.

This article looks at many of the things fans both want and expect from VI, examining some of the more interesting and fun wishlist items that have been flying around. If gamers get their way in the end, GTA VI looks like being a whole load of customisable, murderous fun, and it could be the most interactive Grand Theft Auto game yet.

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