Halo Infinite: 10 Story Questions It Must Answer

Don't leave us hanging 343.

Halo Infinite
Xbox Game Studios

Halo 5: Guardians ended on a strange note. After a single player story that was short, and spent little time with series protagonist Master Chief, it ended abruptly. Adding insult to injury, it finished on a cliffhanger.

Fast forward to 2020 and the new entry in the franchise, Halo Infinite, is a spiritual reboot, and looks to reinvigorate the franchise. The ending of Halo 5 has seemingly been put to the side so the series can move past its negative reception.

Although this is a positive move for 343 to make, it doesn't mean that they shouldn't address the cliffhanger that Halo 5 left us on. We still need answers to all the questions that it posed.

On top of this, the story of Infinite also has to address many new questions that have been brought to light following the gameplay reveal. With the introduction of Halo Wars 2 villains, the Banished, into the story of Infinite, a whole host of questions regarding their appearance now must be answered.

In addition to this, many characters and plot lines that are seemingly absent in Infinite also must be answered.

343 has a hell of a hard job.

10. Where Have Blue Team Gone?

Halo Infinite
343 Industries

Although they have been a staple of the expanded Halo universe for years, Blue Team only became playable in Halo 5: Guardians. As the co-op partners to Master Chief, players could assume the roles of Linda, Fredrick, and Kelly.

Although an interesting inclusion to Halo 5, players really weren't given enough time to get to know the team, leaving them to be mostly forgettable.

Of course, had you consumed a large amount of the expanded material before playing the story, your experience would have been better. But it shouldn't be like that. You shouldn't have to do homework before playing a new game - especially a Halo one.

This is something 343 has seemingly took on board with Halo Infinite, since Blue Team are nowhere to be seen. Although their absence isn't the most heartbreaking loss, it would be fantastic is 343 offer an explanation as to where the team has gone.

The team could even appear in the form of DLC. Having the Master Chief pairing up with his old friends in the story has the potential to be excellent. 343 just need to give us a reason to care about them.


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