Halo Infinite: 12 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Yup, you can CATCH fusion coils.

halo infinite
343 Industries

It might have missed that initial release date by a year, but Halo Infinite's additional time in the oven was MORE than worth the wait.

Finally, for the first time since taking over the IP, we have a Halo made by 343 Industries that absolutely plays, looks and feels as good as Bungie's golden trilogy. (In fact, whisper it, but Infinite might be the best-PLAYING Halo of all time).

Yes, 343 - with the help of returning veteran Joseph Staten - set about polishing and nailing the fluidity of gameplay to a mirror sheen. This core of Infinite expands Halo 3’s equipment system across all of new location, Zeta Halo, seeing the Chief become an absolute powerhouse over time, and multiplayer being the finest online offering we've had in over a decade.

As an altogether more furious pace that's equal parts 'traditional Halo' and 'confident new features', you'll need more than a handful of pointers to get the most out of what's on offer.

Halo Infinite is thankfully finally out its "beta" state, and with a stellar campaign fleshing things out across an open-world, there's a ton of new-age Halo to appreciate, learn and master.

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