Hitman 3: 8 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Hitman 3 secrets & gameplay shortcuts!

hitman 3 tips
IO Interactive

On the 20th January 2021 Agent 47, the Cueball Killer himself will once again be returning to consoles and PC in the much anticipated final installment to IO Interactives episodic reboot of the franchise and we for one cannot wait. Stalking your targets, researching unique ways to assassinate them, and then strolling out of a high-class event dressed in a comical outfit are just some of the gameplay elements that make this series an absolute masterpiece.

Yet for those returning with a bit of rust on their piano wire or for brand new players, there's a tonne to learn and gameplay features to get to grips with. So what we've done is compile some essential tips, tricks, and a few reminders to make sure that when you're in control of the bald and beautiful hitman, that you feel every bit the badass that he is.

We've had early access to the game and have seen a tonne of what it has to offer, so unlike your neck when Agent 47 is gunning for you, you're in safe hands. So grab your rubber ducks, polish that dome and let's get you shining just as bright when it comes to Hitman 3.

8. Unlocked Shortcuts Carry Across Multiple Saves

hitman 3 tips
IO Interactive

I cannot stress how important this new feature of Hitman 3 is.

Whereas in previous games, levels were reset each and every time you played them, Hitman 3 offers the ability to unlock shortcuts permanently.

Sometimes in the game, you'll come up against a locked door which in classic video game fashion is "barred from the other side", and should you find the source of this blockage and free up the door, ladder or window, you'll see then when you return to the level that it remains open or clear for use.

This changes the flow of levels dramatically, as instead of spending ten minutes following guards around and waiting for them to drop items or open rooms that lead you to the shortcut, you can zip up an unlocked ladder or pass through a door and reach your target that much quicker.

Therefore it's advised to spend time learning your surroundings and unlock every single shortcut you come across. It could mean the difference between a bloodbath and a silent assassin when it comes to the crunch!

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