How Bioware Can SAVE Mass Effect On Next-Gen Consoles

1. Remind The World Why Mass Effect Matters

mass effect

It started as the codename "EA HD" on EA's business report for the next financial year. The term was connected to various titles that will be coming between now and April 2021, and the "EA HD" project assumedly meant something like revisiting Dead Space, SSX or another beloved property.

Then, thanks to VentureBeat giving the game away in May, we can pretty confidently say this is in fact, the full Mass Effect HD trilogy.

What's interesting to note though, is all three Mass Effects are already backwards compatible on Xbox One. There's no way Bioware and EA sit things out for this long - falling back on base emulation - only to re-release the same titles with minimal work done.

I have to imagine this reworked trilogy is more like a Crash N. Sane, Spyro Reignited or the recently confirmed Mafia trilogy and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2 remakes, which have received complete visual overhauls and content additions respectively.

Mass Effect

We're certainly living in the age of the remake, and Mass Effect has been on millions of players' request lists since Andromeda failed to provide anything positive. Finally delivering Mass Effect on new consoles has to be something special, and I don't mind waiting another year, if EA are making Unreal Engine 5-sized strides with their own Frostbite tech.

Overall though, people need to be reminded why this IP matters.

The last truly great Mass Effect was 2010 (Mass Effect 2), and there's an entire upcoming generation whose first interaction with the brand was Mass Effect Andromeda. Every day that isn't remedied is a negative, and if for some reason the leaked EA HD moniker isn't Mass Effect, it damn well needs to be as soon as possible.

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