How Mafia: Definitive Edition Changed HD Remakes

9. Motion Capture and Facial Scanning

Mafia Definitive Edition

Tommy Angelo, the cabbie-turned-crook who spends the story getting in way over his head, is given new life in 2020 as Hangar 13 subjects the character to numerous upgrades. Not only has he seen a change in voice actor (which has improved his believability greatly), but his aesthetics have also matured wonderfully with age.

That goes for everybody, mind.

The developer's dedication to motion capture and advanced facial scanning has done wonders for the narrative as well as the presentation. Emotions felt between characters is apparent, and in a story so reliant on dramatic notes and twists galore, it's wonderful to see the small details are sufficiently executed.

Mafia: Definitive Edition's best moments though are when the player puts the controller down, as cutscenes are simply gorgeous this time around. Character conversations in smoky rooms rival any crime drama flick on the big or small screen. The facial scanning technology easily picks up the superb performances on display instead of forcing yourself to watch lengthy conversations between cardboard cut-outs.

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