How Mafia: Definitive Edition Changed HD Remakes

8. Game Development In The Pandemic

Mafia Definitive Edition

Offices have dipped in and out of closure in all corners of the world, so continuing a mammoth project like developing a highly-anticipated video game is a tall order. Tack on the task of adhering to the initial vision for the title and it's perhaps too much to ask for people enduring the same hardships as the rest of us.

Cyberpunk's awful launch, broken promises and subsequent patches were surely caused - at least in part - by the current ongoing global pandemic, and the calendar for upcoming major releases looks far different from what was initially expected.

Sure, Hangar 13 had the 2002 release as a fundamental underpinning for how the game should be improved, but there's no escaping that Mafia: Definitive Edition is proof that game developers can still create magic even with the hurdle of a pandemic to overcome.

Though we all hope to be back licking door handles and high-fiving friends soon, the title provides hope that lockdowns and social distancing doesn't have to hamper awesome game development.

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