Huge GTA 6 Leak - Everything You Need To Know

6. 2023 Release Date


While it's one thing to know that Grand Theft Auto VI is in development, and it's another to hear some of the leaked details of what the game itself may entail, the burning question for franchise fans is just when exactly will we be able to pick up this new release.

On that front, the current planned release date is said to be October 2023.

If this leak is correct, Rockstar Games could make an official announcement on that release date as soon as the middle of next year. Then again, one might think that, if the leaked information is indeed correct, that Rockstar might be kickstarted into making any such announcements sooner than they'd originally planned.

For that October 2023 date, that will reportedly be for the console release of GTA VI, and the PC release will follow shortly after. Upon its release, the game will be purely a single player affair, until the online element is served up a few months after that date.

For GTA VI's GTA Online, that will be ground-based, with no flying cars and whatnot - at least during the early days of the game's release.

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