Indiana Jones Game: 10 Things It Must Learn From Uncharted & Tomb Raider

What Nathan Drake and Lara Croft have to teach Bethesda.

Indiana jones

With the surprising announcement that MachineGames and owner Bethesda were working on an Indiana Jones game, long-time fans of the famous, rugged archaeology professor were salivating at the though of a proper AAA offering for the character.

For all its attempts to be decent, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a serious mis-step for the franchise, and though a fifth film is set for release in the future, an Indiana Jones game would surely be great...

...Because we've seen it before.

Uncharted and Tomb Raider have a lot to thank Indiana Jones and Lucasfilm for, as his inspiration for Nathan Drake and Lara Croft respectively was evident with each and every instalment of their franchises. While some would say that the aforementioned games improved upon the groundwork that Indy laid, the classic whip and trilby combo has fans swooning at the opportunity to see the original make his high-budget game debut.

That's not to say that the project can't learn from Naughty Dog and Square Enix' crowning achievements, however. Indiana Jones is the new kid on the block in the realm of video games, and failing to learn from these ten tips would leave Indiana Jones buried by those he inspired.

10. Just Whip It

Indiana jones

There are few tool as synonymous with a character than Indiana Jones and his trusty whip.

Including the iconic item is an obvious no-brainer, but the potential for interesting gameplay elements and traversal would render the whip more than just a fun throwback. Games like Doom Eternal, Spider-Man, Titanfall and Just Cause are all greatly improved by the inclusion of a grappling hook (in some capacity), and the Indiana Jones character bringing his own to the AAA party is a recipe for success.

The rope in Uncharted 4 was a long time coming. It was a cool gameplay mechanic that made otherwise linear level design far more compelling, and the series' fourth instalment was made better with its presence. The assumption is that MachineGames' new take on the character will, too, be from the third-person perspective, so utilising the whip in a way that mimics Uncharted's rope would be a brilliant, natural way to extract an awesome gameplay mechanic from Naughty Dog's magnum opus.

Two things are essential to the Indiana Jones character, and though Harrison Ford's rugged good looks may be absent from the title, the whip's inclusion is a safe bet.


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