Injustice 2: 10 Awesome DC Characters That Must Be Included

10. Jason Todd As Red Hood

The death of Jason Todd is one of the most famous moments in comic book history, especially when it comes to all things Batman. Despite being beaten to death by a crowbar-wielding Joker back in 1988, 2005€™s Batman #638 would reveal that Jason was alive and (not so) well when it was confirmed that he was the man behind the Red Hood moniker that had been tormenting the streets of Gotham City.

Villain, anti-hero or just simply hero, this version of the Red Hood was truly badass as he tore his way through bad guys whilst having no remorse for killing and no specific rules to play by. Think The Punisher but with a harder edge and a deep-rooted emotional attachment to the Dark Knight.

What makes Jason such a ripe contender to be a part of Injustice 2 is his versatility. Here's a man who was trained for years by Batman, who is an excellent hand-to-hand fighter, a skilled gymnast and acrobat, and who has a vast arsenal of weapons at his disposal.

In terms of the original Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, Red Hood would be like the perfect mesh of Nightwing and Deathstroke, plus his inclusion could lead to some interesting moments in terms of the arc and narrative of the overall story of the Injustice follow-up, not least because of his ties to Batman but also because of his ties to the Lazarus Pit.

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