Injustice 2: 5 Censored Costumes NetherRealm Didn't Want You To See

An unexpected bum note.

Injustice 2

It's not every day a major artist for one of gaming's premiere franchises lets the cat out the bag, but Injustice 2's lead artist - going under the name Gihon_Simon - has recently taken to their Instagram once again, the first being to reveal some original colour-swaps for the final product's various skins.

This time, Gihon - who describes himself as a "Nude Glamour Photographer [whose job it is to] sculpt and shoot butts" discussed the various more 'sexy' concepts for some of the game's female characters that were then knocked back during production.

Mainly under the reasoning that the following designs were too overly skimpy or flesh-revealing they'd have raised the game's rating outside of Teen (the most profitable demographic closely associated with superheroes and DC in general), it's always interesting to delve into the development process and see what eventually made it through.

Indeed, Injustice 2 has gone on to be one of 2017's best games, with a roster that yes, leans more heavily into Batman's world than anybody else's, yet still has a phenomenal sense of impact, possibly being NetherRealm's finest work to date.

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