Injustice 2: 5 Censored Costumes NetherRealm Didn't Want You To See

5. Starfire

Injustice 2 Starfire

Though she would eventually be released officially after launch, the original version of Starfire was described as being "super simple" - mainly because the devs had to worry more about ensuring her hair could animate independently of her body.

Hilariously, an even earlier version of Starfire went further down a "purely-visual-fodder-for-horny-teens" route, as Gihon notes that she once had "ginormous boobs", which he then reduced because, ahem, "logically her skimpy body suit wouldn't hold them in".

Good point.

These were thankfully reduced, and Starfire was refined into a more physically intimidating force in the final game - which is just as well, as such older concepts might have seen her as nothing more than a laughing stock.

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