Inside The Gaming Studio - Child's Play Project Manager Jamie Dillion

childs-play-charity Things have been pretty gloomy around these parts recently. Politicians are holding a magnifying glass up the industry to both rationally and irrationally try and catagorise the gaming industry destructive capabilities. But, even inside the community, we have been showcasing some questionable behaviour. The gap between large publishers and consumers is an ever growing mire and distrust from both sides are souring relationships. Whether it be microtransactions, DLC, season passes or whatever new 'injustice' pops up next on my RSS feed, relationships are beginning to spoil. In a medium that is full of pointing fingers, whether it be from outside, inside or within, we sometimes forget to praise our very good work. Many of the major news outlets failed to praise what was possibly the best news in the community last year. Last year, the Child's Play Charity raised a staggering $5,084,761. This massive story of generosity and support was glossed over in the social panic in our industry and it is something that certainly deserves it's spotlight. For those of you who don't know, Child's Play is a charity that was founded by Penny Arcade legends, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. The cause is simple. To help hospitalized children become accustomed to life through the power of games and toys. Providing games to be played at hospitals can provide entertainment for kids but also relief for parents in times that can be terrifying.
I think charity is important to any community, regardless of the unifying factor. Gamers know firsthand what a positive impact games can make in their lives.
That is the point of view of Jamie Dillion, Child's Plays Project Manager. It is an important point. Charity has been part of almost all communities and culture through out time and there is no reason why ours shouldn't. And it seem that Child's Play hes helped to fill that void within hte community. The donations prove it. The charity provides an organisation for many gamers to band around. For many, it is quite possibly their first experience of giving to charity with their own money.
I know we hear from students frequently who want to do projects or fundraisers because Child's Play is a cause that is special to them, which is awesome.
As gamers, we understand the power of gaming for ourselves. The sense of community and exploration it can offer to those who sometimes feel secluded. The news that that Child's Play is expanding its horizons to even more children who could feel secluded in the same way can create a mutual understanding and sense of care for one another.
The gaming community is really what grows us each and every year - by spreading the word, donating and running fundraisers the community has really taken Child's Play to the next level. We are planning to expand our benefit network to assist children in domestic violence shelters.

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