Insomniac's Spider-Man 2: 5 Obscure Villains That Must Appear

The PS4 exclusive is bound to get a sequel, but what villains should star?


Right now, Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man seems to be the game on everybody’s minds. Across every corner of the internet Spider-Man is being played, streamed, discussed and turned into works of art thanks to the photo mode that everybody is probably sick of seeing on their Twitter feeds.

However, a lot of the praise for the game stems from its original story, as well as Insomniac's fresh takes on characters at the heart of the game's narrative.

Take Mister Negative for instance - great writing and a powerful performance by Stephen Oyoung has thrust a once-unknown and minor antagonist from Marvel’s vast rogues gallery into the limelight.

Seeing as many plot threads in Spider-Man have been left wide open for a sequel, and sales numbers being, well, amazing, another instalment seems inevitable. Much like their work with Mr. Negative, here are some lesser known Spider-Man villains Insomniac should consider for their Spider-filled future.


5. Ghost

Marvel Comics

Elevated recently by their appearance as an antagonist in Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ghost is already a little more known in the mainstream than Mr. Negative was when he received his Insomniac treatment.

A Mysterious thief and saboteur specialising in corporate espionage, the mysterious Ghost merged his consciousness with flux state processors and turned himself into raw energy.

In Layman's terms, Ghost is an intangible, floating EMP with a powerful hatred for anything corporate. A perfect antagonist for a world dominated by Oscorp, and a hero with secrets of his identity in the data banks of Octavius Industries…


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