Joel McHale of Community Goes Viral With Nintendo

If you're doing a viral video, do it right, and Joel McHale gets close enough to slap us in our consumer faces.

Viral is the way to go nowadays, and Joel McHale certainly understands what marketing and advertising is having to adapt to. Although it truly wouldn't feel like the always condescendingly hilarious host of The Soup, and one of the many talented stars of the hit show Community, without lending his own humor to Nintendo.

Joel McHale ensures that each second of the video makes you feel right at home with what viral videos have become. Organic and homegrown make for many of the best videos, but that sad truth of the matter is that once big-name advertising and marketing campaigns wrapped their hands around the idea, it no longer felt organic. That isn't to say that it doesn't work any less.

A funny viral video, is still just that. Joel McHale was the perfect actor to choose for Nintendo's newest viral video. Sometimes there's just no better way to catch someone's attention than to be as blunt and straightforward as you possibly can. After Joel's Nintendo endorsement, I have to say that he should definitely be a candidate for Mushroom King.

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out our interview with Joel McHale here. Further proving that he has a deep love for what he does.


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