Killzone: Shadow Fall Review - 6 Reasons It's The Ultimate PS4 Tech Demo

rating: 3

Greatness has arrived in the form of the Playstation 4, and obviously with it have come games. Whether those games are any good will ultimately determine if you should adopt a system early on or wait it out. And first up, I am reviewing Killzone: Shadow Fall; undoubtedly the primarily marketed system-exclusive from franchise developer Guerilla Games. I fully realise I keep saying this (if you follow along with my content that is), but First Person Shooters are currently so over-saturated in the industry that it takes something damn impressionable to be able to separate one from the pile of crap. In addition to that, Killzone already has never clicked with many but rather always felt like Sony€™s failed retort to Halo. In other words, the folks at Guerilla Games were fighting an uphill battle from the very beginning with this launch title, and were seemingly destined to underwhelm. Just how did Killzone: Shadow Fall turn out? Let€™s find out!

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