Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 15 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Need to save without Saviour Schnapps? Let's fix that.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Henry

Arriving as if from nowhere (despite a protracted development spanning the better part of this decade), Kingdom Come: Deliverance is easily one of the most fascinating RPGs in quite some time.

Mixing a dogged devotion to 1400s Europe (set in the Kingdom of Bohemia, now the Czech Republic), newcomers Warhorse Studios and ex-Mafia writer Daniel Vavra have created something that combines brutally harsh survival elements and an innovative combat system with a story that painfully tells the rags to riches tale of Henry, the son of a blacksmith.

I say painfully, because the game's laden pace is also its most rewarding asset. The tutorial is around 6-7 hours long, it takes three of those hours to pop a title card, and you won't even be able to block attacks effectively until a specific quest, nor see the world open up until after all this is concluded.

That alone has been enough to put thousands off who were hoping for another Witcher 3 or Elder Scrolls, but like all games with enough confidence to walk off reactionary criticism, it's fostering a diehard community of fans alongside.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has tons of secrets and things to discover - you just need to know where to look.

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