Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 15 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

15. How To Remove The Red Hand From Stolen Equipment

Kingdom Come Deliverance Stolen
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Early game life is hard, and if you've pick-pocketed or otherwise stolen an item, it'll appear in your inventory with a small red hand icon, denoting it's "tainted"and meaning you'll be arrested for carrying stolen things.

To remove this, there are four main solutions:

- Pass time with the Wait command, and eventually the hand will go away. Different values of goods dictate longer wait times until the coast is clear.

- If you completed Peshek's "The Good Thief" quest when you arrive at Rattay, he'll point you in the direction of Woyzeck, a fence who has no problem trading stolen items.

- Best of all, stash your goods in any chest that appears next to an owned bed (your first is in your family home, then Rattay when Henry gets his own quarters), and the mark will disappear faster than just killing time.

- Take stolen items away from the general area they were pinched, and far-off towns will also let you trade them in. A good thief is a mobile thief.

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